Evolucao Thai MMA Keller proudly serving Keller since 2020

Our Mission:
To inspire and motivate members of our community to become the best version of themselves by using Martial Arts as a tool for personal development.

Who we Are And why You Should Train Here

Located in the heart of Keller, our martial arts academy stands as a beacon of excellence. We present a diverse range of martial arts disciplines—encompassing Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, No-Gi, and Yoga—tailored for enthusiasts of all ages and expertise levels. Our modern facility is equipped with dual training areas, top-tier equipment, and exudes an ambiance that fosters learning and personal growth.

Guided by the esteemed Evolucao Thai MMA Keller system which was developed by World Champion MMA Coach Mauricio Amado, our Muay Thai & MMA programs ensure that students are immersed in world-class training methodologies. Similarly, our Jiu Jitsu curriculum is rooted in the teachings of the American Jiu Jitsu Legend and Hall of Famer, Rafael Lovato Jr. This not only guarantees our students access to time-tested Jiu Jitsu techniques but also opens doors to train alongside global martial arts luminaries. 

Our World Class Martial Arts Afflliations

About Forth Worth | Evolucao Thai MMA Keller

About Forth Worth | Evolucao Thai MMA Keller

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